Get a room Dude ….

Police officer resigns after squad car sex tape surfaces

The guy is a lieutenant on top of it. The pay in Madison for cops must be rock bottom.

For future reference; I found a cheap motel in 5 seconds on the internet. If the cop would have coughed up 55.00$ he would have saved his job and a lot of embarrassment.

Red Roof in specifically for horny guys that are short on ca$h …..

I even provided the cop the phone number and address for referral. The place is only a 2 Star, BUTT he isn’t buying the place, just renting if for a quickly.

Motel 6 Madison, WI – East

2-star hotel4202 E Towne Blvd, Madison, WI 53704•(608) 241-3861

It didn’t take long after his little indiscretion was exposed that Reginald Patterson resigned from the department. He probably blew (no pun intended) his pension and a lot of other Bennies What a shame.

That is what happens to a lot of men that think with their wrong head. That Poon Tang is some mighty powerful stuff; that has brought a lot of men down.

I just can’t resist:

Wild Bill has to go down as one of the most prolific fools with an uncontrol budge in his skivvies. It could have turned out a lot worse for the pres.

As the old saying goes; there are so many people that fit this description: the guy did a million things right in his life, BUTT one thing wrong, what is he most remembered for!!

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