Merchants, Lock and Load ……

After Nordstrom robbery in California, will other retailers be next? Experts say yes.

The recent crimes of smash and grab are not going away anytime soon. As a matter of fact, they will become more and more frequent, as long as the merchants do not protect their properties.

I think it would be much cheaper to hire armed guards with instruction to shoot to kill than to suffer the financial losses.

Florida governor drafts laws that allow people to shoot looters › 2020/11/11 › florida-governor-dra…

Nov 11, 2020 — A draft of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ proposed bill expands the list of “forcible felonies” under Florida’s self-defense law to include criminal …

States that have passed stand your ground laws include:

I appears to me that the majority of the states that do not allow the stand your ground laws are the ones that are being targeted by these animalistic criminals. Unfortunately, there are some fools in this world that have no respect for others, their property or the law. This is why there are laws that allow citizens to STAND THEIR ground to protect themselves.

If that what it takes to get the message across, so be it. Body bags ae cheap. Is it a disgrace that the citizens of this country have to resort to measures like this?? Absolutely, BUTT the thieves give us no alternative.

Who in their right mind can watch the videos of these degenerate looters, condone their actions and not agree that looters should be shot. Because of the lax laws in place, the authorities are allowing these activities to continue, The THUGS have no fear of consequences.

To what level has this country sunk to?? Left unattended it will only get worse.

Announcements of the use of deadly force should be announced, giving them fair warning that their criminal activities will not be tolerated and than follow through with it.

Dr. Phil quoted again: I ask the bleeding hearted law makes: How is what you are doing now working out for you??

Even the staunchest, most stubborn, braindead left-wingers must see a problem with this.

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