Is this what we call civilized people…….

Back to back flash mob lootings in San Francisco area alarming experts

‘There’s no accountability for it anymore,’ one retired California police officer warned

About 80 thieves ransack department store near San Francisco › wireStory › 80-thieves-ransac…

21 hours ago — Stores in Union Square, a posh shopping district popular with tourists, have been targeted for years by well-organized thieves who at times have …

I don’t give 2 shits what color a person skin is; supposed civilized people do not act like this.

Hold on to your hats and bonnets folks, this is just for starters.

Only a fuckin idiot would burn down the metaphorical houses they live in. What do these fools think the outcome of their lawlessness will result in.

In part; much of the blame should be put on the government for being so lenient with criminals. What the hell is the deterrent if the criminals have no respect for others property and know that, if they do pay for their crimes in court, it will be minimal.

I don’t know how any times I have to stress COMMONSENSE before the authorities wake up and smell the napalm?? They are going to burn down the country if left to their own devises.

Like Doctor Phil would ask these ignorant lawmakers: HOW IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING SO FAR WORKING OUT FOR YOU. That is one of the most prolific statement Phil has ever made.


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