Living with the enemy ….

If articles this does not turn your stomach and make you hate/distrust our government even more than we do already, I don’t know what can. Many of our so called protectors are absolutely in bed with the suppliers of the COVID vaccine.

As I have stated so many times before, who in the hell can the average person trust or believe?? There is documented proof that many of the politicians are in bed with the vaccine manufacturing companies. It is speculated that all of the companies combined will make 94 billion dollars in the production and sale of the COVID vaccine.

There absolutely should be laws that prohibit politicians, their family or friends should be able to own stock in companies that deal with the government.

Pfizer Inc Profile: Members Invested • OpenSecrets

There are 27 politicians that have stock in Pfizer alone. Gotta be a lot more than that.

Tell me; how do you think they are going to vote when the time come??

This type of questionable activities can be compared to politicians having access to inside information in the stock market.

How much would I be worth if I had access to stock reports 2 days in advance?? The sky is the limit. Why the hell do you think so many people are selling their soul to get into politics?? I call politics the most corrupted organization in the world.



Many governments have indicated that they aim to set up COVID-19 vaccine programmes that will cover their entire populations. The scale and complexity of the …

Governments Sign Secret Vaccine Deals. Here’s What They … › World › Europe

Feb 24, 2021 — The United States has secured 400 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, enough for 200 million people, and is close to …

In secret vaccine contracts with governments, Pfizer took hard … › world › 2021/10/19

Oct 19, 2021 — The coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech has proved a success. First to receive emergency use authorization in the United …Missing: collusion ‎| Must include: collusion

Their collusion is as bad as an abused lady going to her priest or minister for consoling and the HOLY MAN winds up in bed with her. WTF can we trust??? It is sinful.

How in the name of anything holy (if there still is such a thing) can the general public trust. Nearly everyone and everything surrounding us that is supposed to their salvation is corrupted.

I hate to be so cynical, but it seems I do not have a choice. In years past there were certain honorable people that could be trusted. These days I am hard pressed to name any. Religious – government – youth organizations – sports organizations – health providers – schools/teachers – counselors and more; all have their share of untrustworthy/unscrupulous people in the ranks. How the hell does the average person weed through them??

The people in the USA are between a rock and a hard place, just like the people in Mexico. Who the hell can a citizen report a crime to when the authorities are more corrupt than the criminals. What a F-ed up world we live in.

All I can wish for is; I hope these thieving bastards get what is coming to them in the HEREAFTER, (if there is such a thing) because they certainly are reaping the profits of their BLOOD MONEY now.

How can these parasites sleep at night; knowing that they are deliberately fleecing/deceiving the public just for the $$$$ is way beyond me??? I guess the 1st million they steal is the hardest, the rest come easy. The people that make the laws abuse them the the most.

One Example of some of the thievery. This kind of activity goes on daily in the political ranks.

Inside Nancy Pelosi’s Husband’s $5 Million Alphabet Options … › antoinegara › 2021/07/08 › i…

Jul 8, 2021 — Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, made $5 million selling Alphabet holdings this June, as Big Tech got scrutiny in …Missing: cell ‎| Must include: cell

Nancy Pelosi’s husband makes $5.3 million on timely bets › 2021/07/08 › house-speaker-nanc…

Jul 8, 2021 — Paul Pelosi made $5.3 million after buying shares in Nasdaq giants ahead of a vote on a weak antitrust bill meant to curb their power.Missing: cell ‎| Must include: cell

Folks; the common man and women does not have a prayer!!!

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