Is Billy getting soft ???

Bill Maher, Chris Cuomo clash on Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special: It isn’t ‘transphobic’

The HBO star declared himself on ‘Team Dave’

It seems that Bill Maher is getting softer on the right, more and more going against the lefters-grain.

What I like especially in the debate that Maher said was; “Kids should not be really making decisions about their gender.”

It has always been my opinion that kids do not need to be coached, brainwashed or prodded about developmental issues. They learn about life on their own through, evolution, their friends and personal life experiences. They are exposed to too much subluminal brainwashing; which has been going on for decades by some of the media and other interfering sources. Learning about life and who they are is a natural process and should not be force-feed on them.

I think it is disgraceful for what the parents of this boy turned girl (Jazz) allowed her to have a TV program and became a big influence on kid that were confused as to that sex they were. Kids have to develop thru evolution and become their own person, not someone others want then to be. No one can tell me that Jazz’s parents and the network were not in it for the $$$$.

Transgender teen Jazz Jennings signs on to star in TLC reality … › news › article-2992207

Mar 12, 2015 — Transgender teen Jazz Jennings, 14, who has lived as a girl since she was five, signs on to star in TLC reality series to show the ‘love, …

This kid has a lot more going on than just gender issues. He sexuality was her outlet, now it is the buffet table.

I say; be there for your kids – intelligently advise them, using commonsense along the way – give the a sense of pride and encouragement as to who they are; by all means set a good example.

It is uplifting for me to see more people like Mahar are coming around and not just another sheep follow the ignorant flock over the cliff.

This may have been a baaaad idea

The world would be a much better place if all the decisions we made were by using Good Old Commonsense, not just to be accepted as one of the fools in a popularity contest.

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