Dysfunctional Darling of the Democrats …..

Kamala Harris spokeswoman slams CNN’s ‘gossip’ reporting

CNN article described ‘dysfunction’ within Harris’ team and the White House


Times must be getting pretty desperate when CNN (King or Queen, of the liberal left, depending on what day it is ) is bad mouthing Carm-Mella; She was supposed to be the Darling that was K J’s Ace in the hole as far as popularity and approval ratings went. Did K J ever wind up with a dud. Well, birds of a feather …..

The office of Vice President Kamala Harris appeared to respond to a CNN article on Sunday that suggested “dysfunction” within the vice president’s team.

CNN reporters Edward-Isaac Dovere and Jasmine Wright published an article titled “Exasperation and dysfunction: Inside Kamala Harris’ frustrating start as vice president.” The article highlights repeated conflicts between Harris, her staff, and the White House.

This is the price they are paying for putting a TOKEN on the ticket instead of a qualified/legitimate person. There are 100’s possibly 1,000’s of more qualified ladies, black and white they could have picked, BUTT didn’t. I guess that Chessy Cat, shit-eating grin and phony demeaner captivated them as well as millions of other gullible people.

Chessy is my third cousin, in the direction the crow flies

Usually in teams like this; Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello, Rohan and Martin, Laurel and Hardy; if one of the dynamic duo team is a dud/plays a fool, the other carries the ball for them. In the case of K J and Carm combination, they are equally as bad and they are not acting.

I don’t think; even if the democrats tried, they could have pick a worse person for the top job and K J (if he did make the choice) could not have picked a worse person to sit next to him; that is, if she is even in town/country and not on one of her shopping spree.

As I said the other day; I would not dislike this lady as much as I do if she performed her job as she should. Then her behavior would come with the territory and more acceptable. The fact of the matter is; she is first class, defiant Femme fatale sucking all she can out of her position. Possibly I am being tooooo generous.

When CNN is so desperate and gets on the democratic/socialist ass, they must be as bad as bad can be.

I would like to hear Donny Lemonade’s (Prince of CNN) opinion of Car-mella. I am sure he would find some redeeming qualities in the do-nothing VP.

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