Why you AXED ……

‘Vice presidents just don’t break through.’ Why are Kamala Harris’ approval ratings lower than Biden’s?

Why you axed?? Because she is a do nothing token. Pick for the V P spot because she is a women and more-so, she is black. There are 100’s of other women black and white that are more qualified than Car-mella is.

Can we even imagine what she would be like if and when K J is carried out on a stretcher??

It is sad to say; I would prefer to have K J at the helm than Car-mella.

I bet the K J thought he hit the lottery with Carm and was going to be the King of the mountain with her in the co-pilot position, following all of his requests and making the presidency a snap job for him. Was he ever in for a rude awakening.

Carm is a self-centered – narcissist – a do it her way person that is not going to take any guff from anyone. Behind that pasted on smile, she is not a very likable person and not what the public expected her to be.

I sure have a lot of people bullshitted

It turns out that their little scheme to put her in the second seat for a high rate from voters approval back-fired big time on them. So far, the best thing I see she does is piss away the governments funds traveling all over the world and doing what she does best.

VP Kamala Harris lacking role in negotiations, feeds lingering concerns -  Washington Times
Shopping in Paris an be pretty demanding

I would not be on her case as much as I am, because most of the people in politics do the same things; if she ONLY did what was expected of her as V P. She is bold and defiant and going to do what she wants, when she wants and how she wants. Not a good team player and make K J look even worse than he is. IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE????

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