Who is running the show anyway …..

Is this a threat or a promise??

Bringing back the NYPD’s Anti-Crime Unit to fight gun violence will trigger violence, says BLM co-founder

Activist Hawk Newsome says mayor-elect Eric Adams’ plan to resurrect the task force would cause another George Floyd in an interview with Bryan Llenas

Bringing back the NYPD's Anti-Crime Unit to fight gun violence will trigger  violence, says BLM co-founder | Fox News
The Mayor The Thug

I hope that Adams has a set of nuts and calls this THUGS Newsom’s Wolf Tickets. Who is running the city anyway. There is no way any organization, city, state or federal government can operate successfully under the fear of threats and violence. What it might have to come down to is an all out war between factions.

Once anyone drops their drawers to the BAD GUYS and is intimidated by them, it is all over. The demands and shake downs never stop. The City of New York and all the other cities around the country can see what has happened because of some deranged/mentally of the far lefters. Many of them like Warren Wilham (AKA DeBlasio) have destroyed all sense of law and order, got their hats and dumped the mess into their successors lap.

Some of Blazing Bill’s accomplishments: Adams, who is currently the Brooklyn borough president and a former state senator, will take the reins from Bill de Blasio, whose second term was mired in the effects of the pandemic, historic job losses, skyrocketing housing prices and rental rates, extreme income inequality, out of control lawlessness, up as much as 160% and a broke transportation system. Folks this is what the mentality of what socialists’ see as progress.

Anddddd, where did Blazing Bill run and hide after he F-ed up the entire city and absconded?? Probably on some secluded beach with his toes facing the sun.

The entire USA will be in a lot worse shape than we are now if they continue to capitulate to THUGS like the Hawk. I still say; take IT to them before they take it to us. Use the element of surprise; do not announce your intentions.

Great example of allowing the Thugs to get the upper hand.

Wake up and smell the napalm folks, they are burning us alive and our politicians are sitting on the hands with their thumbs stuck in the inners. Gotta change the the strategy and be proactive. It may boil down to the survival of the fittest and the smartest.

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