Once they get into your skivvies ……

Spending bill would break Biden pledge not to raise taxes on middle class, analysis finds

Republicans and other critics of Biden’s signature legislation have long argued the middle class will see a tax hike


Politicians can be compared to the guy that has the young lady in the back seat of his car; he is trying to score some nookie anyway he can. The young lady is resisting with everything she has. What does the horny bastard do to turn the tide; he promises to marry her if she gives up that booty. Nine months later, she has a package delivered and the stud is nowhere to be found.

So goes the politicians. They will tell the voters everything they want to hear just to get into their skivvies. As soon as the voters drop the drawers; all of a sudden they have a bad case of amnesia.

There should be laws against these pirates bullshitting the people the way they do just to get elected. After-all; the reason they get elected is because of their platforms (should be call their bullshit sheet).

One of the many examples, the New York nuts case Ossasio’s

It is total bullshit. She knew damn well she can’t ever pull all of these rabbits out of her bonnet. BUTT she will promise them just to get the voters X mark.

Sad to say; most of the conmen win the game. Voters are too gullible, greedy and uninformed. They vote with their hearts and their greed instead of commonsense. If it sounds too good to true; it usually is.

To be fair, K J and his puppeteers are not the only Slick Willies’ that pulling the wool over the voters eyes, 98% of the other thieves do the same thing; he just does it better.

I have used this observation 100’s of times. Instead of the thieves in politics looking for a way to generate money by CUTTING their out of control spending habits (pork); what is always their answer?? Yes, raise taxes.

The older we get, the longer we look into the kaleidoscope of life, the more distorted the colors become.

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