Car-mella, don’t give US that bull….

Kamala Harris acknowledges inflation surge is ‘big deal’ for Americans: ‘Heavy weight to carry’

Harris says Biden administration takes the issue ‘very seriously’

I say GMAFB girl!!! Carm, you sound a lot better when you #firme your #La-Bouche.

These two stooges remind me of 2 guys that are robbing the bank with a 50 caliber machine gun and claim they are not really robbing the bank, just taking out a loan and feel sorry for their actions. Bullshit – a thief is a thief is a thief. No matter how you slice it, it is still baloney.

These are the fools, K J – Carm and their puppeteers that have initiating all of the financial chaos in this country; BUTT this token Carm-ella has the stones to say they are taking it very seriously. Is that before they dine at the favorite 12 Star restaurant or after?? The high rollers in their tax bracket NEVER feel the pinch like average American does.

Bull shit to her very seriously

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