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Every-time I look out my back window or take a walk in the Back 40; it breaks my heart to see my torn and tattered flag flapping in the wind. It is a reminder to me just how torn/ripped apart the USA has become in the last few years.

The conditions in this country do not have to be in the condition they are in. There are factions out there that promote this type of anarchy and want it that way for the personal gains. These saboteurs should be rounded up and shipped off to a deserted island; issued all the wine and razor blades they want. In one months time, they will have resolved their own problems.

I can change my flag more often if I wanted to. I only change it once a year, leaving it in it’s battered condition for a few winter months to remind me of how a very large group of lousy anti-American bastards (and bitches) are ripping this once beautiful country to shreds.

The irony of this very sad story; these sorry son-of-bitches that are creating havoc in this country are the same parasites that are reaping the biggest benefits and financial profits, by using the Constitution for purposes that it was not intended for.

Capper-Dick, one of the biggest profiteers, supposedly got 20 million from Nike for displaying his anti-American behavior on his knees. On top of that (using my example) the money mongering NFL owners dropped their drawers; not because they really believe in Kaper-dicks cause, BUTT because it would impact their bottom line. They are some of the anti-Americans that have profited the most in this country (they are all billionaires) and and given the least. Does anyone really believe they have any use for their players?? Don’t be a fool. It i$ all about the $oldi.

Nike, knew exactly when to jump on the money wagon. They should be boycotted by everyone in the in the USA for supporting this opportunist.

In the old days, the flag used to look like this; waving in the breeze; with dignity and honor.

Imported American 3ft x 5ft Polyester Flag

Now; especially with a rise of the extremer-far- left- ultra-liberalism-socialism, the despicable anarchists, rioters have stepped on, pissed on, shit on, burned, spit on and disrespected the flag in every way imaginable and the government allowed it. I will never get over their ignorance.

It is my belief; with the destructive course the USA is on, with the mental capacity of K J, the dementia infested fool that calls himself the president and his puppeteers running this country, the USA is up Shits Creek without a paddle.

There are too many negative avenues this fool has gone down causing death and destruction in it’s wake, to easily turn them back around to what once was a functional society.

I do not see the media covering all the people that were killed or harmed when J J decided to pull the USA out of Afghanistan in the haphazard manner he did; or the billions he cost the government shutting down the oil pipe lines; or all the people financially impacted by his stupid moves; or swinging the immigration gate wide open; or the ignorant fools intention of giving illegals 450,000.00$, for WTFDIK. The list of his intentional blunders are endless. ANDDDDDDDDDDD, what the hell does he do when confronted; he laughs these issues off.

Kamala Harris' national finance chair prepares to back Joe Biden
He thinks this is all a Joke – that is why I call him Jokin Joe (among other things

Biden reacts to devastating poll numbers in interview, doubles down on mega-spending agenda

Biden reacts to devastating poll numbers in interview, doubles down on mega-spending agenda
What does this expression tell us – HDNGAF

J J knows he is a one term guy (that is if Carm-ella doesn’t shove him out) so he could care less about polls and public opinions.

On top of it all, I do not even want to mention all the indiscretions he took with the ladies. Like they never happened. I have always maintained; the only downside of a click is if you are not in it!! Gotta give them credit. As much as they detest one another, they stick together like Velcro.

J J is the poster boy of a spoiled rotten, pampered politician that has had his way his entire political career, having has no respect for the money placed under his discretion or the for the people he is suppose to represents. It is all about him and the other thieve$ he i$ in bed with. How or what has the power to stop this guy??

There are far to many people in this country that do not see the significance of the flag. Honoring the flag has little to do with the colors – stars or stripes, it is all about what it represents. It is for all the great patriots that went to war, everyone that served their country, even if it were unpopular and gave their lives for it or became disabled.

Unfortunately; with all of the crooks we had sitting in the Big Chair through the years; they put us in harms way many times when it was totally unnecessary. I call them EVIL MONEY MERCHANTS or war profiteers. I put the heartless bastards in the same category as doctors that open and close someone just for the money. I personally witnessed it several times.

It would be wishful wanting to see the citizens of this country become more patriotic and respect the flag, the symbol of the USA – more politicians representing the peoples interest that put them in office – all sides in race relations and politics come together, becoming more civilized, respectful and setting a good examples for the future generations. After all, we are all products of our environment.

It mystified me that some of the old decrepit fools who sit on the Supreme Court ruled that it is permissible to desecrate the flag, calling it freedom of speech.

The majority of the Court, according to Justice William Brennan, agreed with Johnson and held that flag burning constitutes a form of “symbolic speech” that is protected by the First Amendment.

I have always preached; if you are too stupid/ignorant to do it for yourselves, do it for future generations. Possibly that is why there are some many pathetic fools out there breaking the law; they had some piss poor role models along the way to guide them.

Give me the old days folks when people took their hats off – put their hand over their hearts and stood at attention when the National Anthem was played.

To all the disrespectful, flag hating MOTHERS out there, they have my permission to get their ass on the first boat to N K. The Kid -dick-tator is waiting to have you for dinner. Not as a guest BUTT the main course.

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