That remains to be seen, talk is cheap …..

Jesse Watters: Tuesday’s election results were ‘only the beginning’

Watters said Democrats are about to hear an even louder ‘roar’ from Americans

The Silent Majority as it was once called has been extremely silent and a door mat for the aggressive lefters.

Silent majority – Wikipedia › wiki › Silent_majority

The silent majority is an unspecified large group of people in a country or group who do not express their opinions publicly. The term was popularized by ..

As I stated in previous posts; as much as I detest the lefters and what they stand for; I have to give them credit for their stick-to-itiveness as criminal as it is, by making far more noise than the Silent Majority and so far, achieving their political goals. The problems is, they are putting too much coal in the furnace and it has overheated. It is getting too hot in the room for some people.

Although they would cut each other throats in a millisecond if need be; they pretty much have stuck together and defeated the republican party. Remember PDT???

The lefters are shrewd and devious people; BUTT their are not as brilliant as they think they are. Many of the off the wall shots they pulled after getting the DEAD HORSE into the The Big Chair, have been absolutely ass-a-nine and have come back to bite the in the ass.

Nice doggy – Nice doggy

As ignorant as many of their supports are, they now see the error of their ways and are looking for an exit strategy to put Band-Aids on the open wounds. They are even going so far as to get into K J’s ass for all the illogical, embarrassing, costly moves he has made.

We can be polite and say the lefters may be dumb, BUTT for the most part, are not stupid. When conditions they have supported get so bad they start effecting them and the bank accounts; that is when they do an about face. That time has arrived.

When I see celebs that normally are going to the wall supporting K J (Kamikaze Joe) and his party, turn their back on him and start calling it like it is; I would conclude the lights have finally switched on for them and they are taking the blinders off.

The most precious element in life for some fools is their $oldi. Even before family, their bank accounts are their best friends. When something or someone starts tampering with their BEST FRIEND, even though they have supported them in the past, that is when they put on the brakes.


Only complete imbeciles keep sticking their hand in the flame time after time.

This is what Jesse Watters had to say: JESSE WATTERS: Americans are fed up with the Democrats. We won’t stand by while liberals destroy the country. So give yourselves a round of applause. Here’s what the red wave looks like: Virginia went red just a year after Biden won by 10. A republican nearly toppled the New Jersey governor, a state Biden won by 16. A rare red wave hit Long Island, too, and Minneapolis voted against dismantling the police department. 

Now – I say Now – I say Now; when in a confrontation in the ring and you get your opponent on the ropes or flat on their back; never let them recover. Remember what I always preach; in order to be victorious, we have to be more cunning and vicious then the person we are up against. Just because the metaphorical person has a metaphorical bloody nose, it does not mean you have won the contest; you have to make the blood come out of their ass and eye balls. If you are the faint of heart; get out of the way, stay home and STFU!!

The war of politics and ideologies is for all the marbles. The next 3 plus years and the next election will seal the destiny of the USA. Based on current conditions that were put in place by K J, I don’t know if we can make it that far.

1950s BOYS & GIRLS SHOOTING MARBLES Stock Photo - Alamy
Don’t let them keep breaking our agates

I must say; we got off to a very rocky start back in January. Time for the Silent Majority to make some noise. Their silence is deafening.

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