I can’t say if it happened or not ……

Natalie Wood was assaulted by Kirk Douglas at hotel meeting, sister claims

Lana Wood’s upcoming memoir details her claims

I can’t say if it happened or not; but why after 72 years (72 years) is an allegation like this brought up??

It is not fair to Douglas to have a distasteful claim like this hanging over his dead head.

In a memoir coming out next week, Wood’s younger sister identifies the long-suspected assailant: Kirk Douglas. 

“I remember that Natalie looked especially beautiful when Mom and I dropped her off that night at the Chateau Marmont entrance,” Lana Wood writes in “Little Sister,” alleging that the incident happened in the summer of 1955, around the time Natalie Wood was filming “The Searchers.” The meeting had been arranged by their mother, Maria Zakharenko, who thought that “many doors might be thrown open for her, with just a nod of his famous, handsome head on her behalf,” according to Lana Wood

Robert Wagner Supports New Look Into Natalie Wood's Death | WEMU
She certainly was a beauty

Douglas admitted he was a womanizer, I guess it was something he was not ashamed of. But I still think it is kind of odd that it took 70 plus years for this skeleton to jump out of the closet. It is very hard for a corpse to defend themselves.

Douglas himself acknowledged that he was a womanizer and an unfaithful husband. Speaking to The Associated Press about Douglas in December 2016, less than a year before the #MeToo movement caught on, the actress and dancer Neile Adams lightheartedly said of her friend, “You could not sit beside him without his hand crawling up your leg.” 

What I would really like to see authorities put more effort into; the suspicion that Natalie husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken may have had a hand in her death.

Can I envision the two ultra macho actors going off the deep end fighting over this beauty, especially all lit up with booze and drugs. They both have been under suspicion from the time of her death. I do not know how much effort the authorities put into solving this case. Big money and $tardom throws a lot carries a lot of weight, especially back in THE DAY.

There was a lot of conversation about Natale and Walken having an affair. With the three of them partying with drugs and boozing it up out a sea, what better setting to dispose of someone.

“Natalie Wood’s Drowning Was Not an Accident”: A New …https://www.vanityfair.com › Hollywood › natalie wood

Mar 11, 2020 — An exclusive excerpt from Natalie Wood, Suzanne Finstad’s definitive biography—which contains new details about Wood’s mysterious death.

That is life in the fast lane folks, Either join the race or get run over.

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