LOWLIFE Kaper-dick ….

JACK BREWER: This new Colin Kaepernick doctrine that’s penetrating the minds and hearts of so many of our underserved Black kids across America is the single largest threat to Black men in the United States of America because right now folks are thinking that they’re victims and they’re living in the most prosperous, the most opportunity of any country in the world…

We did hear that right. I have been saying that for the last few years. Doors have been thrown wide open to ALL people in the black community. It is there for the taking. All they have to do is, get out of the soup line, behave in a acceptable manner, be aggressive and quit crying racism.

Take a look at many of the commercial on the tube. Not counting, but a good portion of them are featuring black people than ever before.

Low life worms like Kaper-dick will say or do anything that will keep him in Nike tennis shoes and the $olid that comes with it; as well as all the other crape hangers that are only in it for the money. They could care less about the black community, they have been raping them for decades.

Yeah, I’m talking to you boy

BREWER CONTINUES: You have kids that are hopeless and then you go out and push this mentality and you’re supposed to be someone that’s a leader. Think about the movement that this guy started, the opportunity that he had that he could actually come and promote positivity to young Black men. Telling them how great this country is. He doesn’t have that spirit in him. He has an evil, anti-American spirit and it’s sick and disgusting. One more thing. That even Netflix, someone that big and popular would even put something out like that, to penetrate the mind of these kids should be illegal.

Could not have said it better myself.  Fools Kaper-dick and Albert Sharpless are as devious as the day is long. What the hell would they do for a living if all of those dead presidents quit coming in?? I got the prefect position for them.

They could talk all the trash they want

If it were not for the low-life reprobate we have in this world, it would be a much better place. What kind of attitude should anyone have if a person of celebrity or authority continually tells you, those honkies are sticking it to you??. Gotta develop a bad attitude, that is what they are looking for.

Go get them Jack – the world needs more people like you!!!!

Jack Brewer on NFL pledging to halt 'race-norming': 'America is better than  this' | Fox Business

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