Enormous generous offer ….

Elon Musk offers to sell Tesla stock ‘right now’ if UN can show how $6 billion would solve world hunger

By Walé Azeez, CNN Business

Updated 9:11 AM ET, Mon November 1, 2021

Let see if the U N will take Musk of such a generous/once in a life time offer. Cut all the lobbying and politicking and get down to business.

Possible Mr Tesla can get some of his other billionaire friends to follow suit. My ONE AND ONLY suggestion is; if and when that happens (I have my doubts) the distribution of the funds MUST by executed by some unapproachable, people of unquestionable character. With that amount of $oldi up for grabs, the son of a bitch thieves will come storming out of the closet.

This act of benevolence would be unprecedented in world history and will save million from starvation.

Whatever Musk does, DO NOT put K J in the distribution chain. Any fool that would even consider giving each illegal in the USA 450,000.00$ is a very mentally ill and a loose canon.

Biden administration in talks to pay $450,000 per person to …https://ktla.com › news › nationworld › biden-administr…

3 days ago — The U.S. Justice Department is in talks to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to each child and parent who was separated under a Trump-era …

WTF is the matter with that fool. We have 10’s of 1,000’s of our own people starving, and K J won’t give them the time of day. How does this fool sleep at night??

One of his cop-outs will be; he is not responsible for what he says.

Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy 8x10 RARE COLOR Photo 602
From let to right – K J Joe Biden – TMC Bay-rock Obama

TWC: You got your orders Charlie – only move your lips when you fell me tickling your ass.

Biden repeatedly implies he’s not in charge of when, where he …https://www.foxnews.com › media › biden-implies-handle…

Aug 30, 2021 — ‘I’m not supposed to take any questions,’ Biden told reporters on Sunday … Biden was mocked for “saying the quiet part out loud” in June …

Again; K J made another fool out of himself at the UN Conferences.

Biden again relays instructions he had been given and uses cheat sheet during G20 press conference

Even a lady of the night/hooker has more dignity than K J. There are certain slobs they refuse to have sex with for one reason or another. K J has no shame; he will get in front of a microphone time after time and look like an idiot. The man has no pride.

I understand from one of my most reliable reporters, K J’s bosses assigned some unfortunate Secret Service agent to go to the head with K J to make sure he pulls you his trousers and zips his fly. Pretty sad.

Around and around we go, where we will stop no one knows.

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