Keep chopping until there is nothing left …..

Philadelphia to become first major US city to ban police from stopping drivers for low-level traffic violations

By Maya Brown and Emma Tucker, CNN

We all know why Philly and the rest of the country are getting on their knees to LOW LEVEL criminals.

What is going to be next they ignore, LOW LEVEL robbery and murder?? Might as well thrown the barn doors wide open and let the criminals do what they want not fearing for any repercussions.

Authorities shutting their eyes to minor crimes and allow them to go unpunished is not the answer. EDUCATING the public not to commit crimes is!! It is not going to disappear by itself. EDUCATION is the answer.

Except for a very select few public/celebs/high profile leaders, I still do not hear a movement underway to EDUCATE as a means of crime prevention. Proper EDUCATION is the ONLY avenue to success.

No/less crime – no cops – no brutality. I guess that is too easy.

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