Gotta speak the language they understand and respect ….

In the old days, we called it Pussy Footing. Def: Not doing what is necessary to correcting a problem; Soft-soaping the situation. That is NOT an effective way of getting the message across to criminals – thieves and looters.

Northern Virginia police increase presence at shopping centers amid unspecified threats on Halloween weekend

Jeanine SantucciUSA TODAY

In contrast, The Alligator State has taken the bull by the balls and allowed their citizens to shoot looters and to run over fools that are obstructing traffic, causing massive jams

Florida’s governor drafts laws that would allow people to shoot looters

A state in the US has drafted controversial laws that would allow people to shoot looters and run over protesters who block traffic.

Come you Lilly livered pacifists. WTF will it take before you get your head out of where the sun does not shine and defend yourself properly??

South metro Walmart stores close amid protests – Hometown … › apple_valley › south…

May 29, 2020 — Some south metro area Walmart stores are closed on May 29 after looting and rioting at other businesses in recent days in Minneapolis and …

May 31, 2020 — Walmart in Union Township has closed its doors early Sunday evening … with Walmart stores elsewhere, in light of rioting and looting that 

Very small example of what is going on around the country. Many of city – state and federal imbecilic leaders that are high on dope most of their lives, perpetuates this kid of behavior that only allows it to escalate.

They do not come any worse than this fool

How do like these apples; just one example of millions, 166% rise in shootings.

NYPD: Shootings up 166%, fueling NYC crime surge › news › ny-news › nypd-sho…

May 19, 2021 — NEW YORK (PIX11) — Crime rose by 30.4% in April 2021 compared to April 2020, an NYPD report released Wednesday said.

Why we may AXE?? Because the criminals know that IFFFFF they are punished, IFFFFFFF, their penalty will be none to minimal. How else can any civilization be controlled if the BAD GUYS do not have something to fear, like getting their F-in head blown off??

Will shooting and killing criminals stop this madness completely?? Hell no, BUT I bet it will send a message that will be heard loud and clear. I doing so, it will reduce the crime rate.

These animalistic looters know that they can break into an establishment by breaking the front window and carry out a 50 incher without the fear of getting shot. What is the deterrent??

Based on the law protecting these thugs; might as well put a sign on the front window



We have to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to protect ourselves – family and property. That is a natural instinct.

I repeat this constantly folks. The longer we allow lawlessness to grow wild; the more out of control it becomes and gets impossible to manage. The current systems are allowing this type of anarchy by too being soft on the criminals. GOTTA SEND THE MESSAGE THEY UNDERSTAND.


I can’t help BUTT wonder how the law makers that protect these criminals if they were the victims?? Entirely different ball game!!

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