How many dead presidents did K J have to drop in order to get the HOST???

Biden says Pope Francis OK’d him receiving communion, calling him a ‘good Catholic’ amid abortion debate

If Francis sees K J as a good Catholic with the reputation K J drags around with him; The Pontiff needs to get some new spectacles.

This connection is a good example that corruption and buying ones way, even at the highest levels, it is always the the $$$$ and just a formality.

Now take away the fact the K J is the president (or at least is supposed to be, if he is) a sinner, as he has displayed numerous times, and is/was cut off from Catholic rituals; why should he be given a pass when he visits The Pa Pa???

It is no wonder why so many people have fallen away from the Catholic religion through the years, (beside the pedophile conditions that most probably still exist) What the HELL do they give their flock on a positive note to believe in?? What is in the center of the donut??

As we can see; even the Pope is on the PAD!!!

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