While the Hog gets fatter …..

North Korea asks starving citizens to eat less as food shortages expected to continue: reports

About 40% of North Korea’s population is estimated by the U.N. World Food Program to be undernourished


While this SUPER HOG stuffs his face with imported wine – cheese – meat and all the other delicacies he love to indulge in, he is tell his people to eat less. YGBSM!!!


Theoretically the leaders of any country (including the USA) are viewed as the Father of their country. What self-respecting father would gorge himself to death with all the finer things in life while watching his family starve?? I did say self-respecting. They are nothing short of being sadistic, psychopathy maniacs and \should be put into the lowest of the low of the human food chain.

To end all of the misery he is putting his people thru, all the Kid-Dick-Tator has to do is sign on the dotted line and promise not to develop or deploy weapons of mass destruction. Easy as that. The 64,000.00$ question is, can he be trusted?? Hell no.

I have kicked this topic around in my head for most of my life and still do not have the answer. Is there a here after (heave or hell)??

I still believe that religions were put together for two main purposes. # 1 to put fear in people – # 2 to co$$ect money. Simple as that. Keeping people at bay by inducing fear, they will do just about anything they ae directed to do.

I am 95% sure that when the lid slams in you face, it is all over but the shouting. That being said; WTF do bastards like The Kid ever get justice (payback) for all the misery and brutality he put his peole through??

There have been so many son of a bitch DICK-TATORS like him through history, they are too many to count.

Most of these pieces of trash lived a long and healthy life.

Will this HOG ever capitulate and sign on the dotted line?? I do not think so. Putting down his John Handcock would be an admission of being wrong. Meanwhile, his is killing millions of his own people by starvation while he sits at the head of the buffet table stuffing his face.

Kim Jung Bun: North Korean dictator tucks into Big Macs specially flown in  from China - Daily Star
그냥 애피타이저 여러분

Shame on him. If I am wrong about UP or DOWN, I hope the bastard gets his due.

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