In your arm or under your arm, that is the question ….

(CNN)A cheap, generically available anti-depressant may reduce the risk of severe Covid-19 disease by close to a third in people at high risk, researchers reported Wednesday. A trial among about 1,500 patients in Brazil showed those who took the drug, known as fluvoxamine, were less likely to progress to severe disease and to require hospitalization.

Very good news if accurate, BUTT as I have alluded to so many times before, who can we trust or believe.

NOOOOOWWWWW, if this information is 100%, and I was the leader of the pack, I would be snapping up and manufacturing all of the Fo Fo juice I could get my hands on and distribute to everyone in the country. Getting rid of the stink and COVID in the same swipe would be a miracle.

BUTT, that will never happen; it would cut into the profits of the BIG MONEY people. Sometime the most simple and workable solutions are the best and most effective, BUTT not good for BIG BUSINESS.

Just like the overwhelming amount of cures that came out for cancer and mysteriously disappeared. I do believe there are more cures that are concealed and not made available to the public.

Cutting out this amount of profit for the big boys would never happen.

Spending on cancer medicines totaled $107 billion worldwide in 2015 and is projected to exceed $150 billion by 2020, reflecting adoption of newer, pricier therapies, according to a report from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics. Jun 2, 2016

These number are just on the medicine – we can multiply them 500% when we include the doctors – hospitals and other associated fees. There is no way they will open the door for a solution as deodorant cure.

This entire COVID has dumped a very pungent odor on mankind; let us hope that the underarm deodorant will help rid us of this monster.

If factual, this news is TOOOO good to be true.

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