Clarification; not on your life …..

It is a real shame that we NOW (did not used to be this way) it has come to, we can not trust anything or anyone; starting with our government (politicians). IT IS ALL ABOUT THE F-IN GREEN STUFF.

Try to get an intelligent, informed, straight answer from one of the clowns, we come away more confused then you were before.

Case in point – this miserable COVID monster that is plaguing the world. The son of a bitches that are supposed to be spearheading the intelligence are despicable money mongers who are only interest is how many dead presidents they can come away with.

Does anyone real have the answer to this dilemma?? Above all else, I would bet my life on it, it has been exaggerated and delivered in the form of a fear factor so the drug companies and the thieves that are tied up with them, can increase their already astronomical profits. These boys do not even consider the M word anymore, it is the B word that motivates their greed. They are well past the MILLIONS and are swimming in the BILLIONS.

As I suggested in one of my previous posts, they may be pushing shots # 4 & #5 after the sell the public # 3. Why get off of a good thing. Scare tactics in part is what as made this work.

I will totally agree that # 1 & # 2 were positively needed, but # 3, I have some reservations about. It would make life a lot easier if there was even one person or organization that could be trusted. At this point JAWS is definitely out.

COVID-19 – Common question

Opinion # 1

Can you get COVID-19 after being vaccinated?

Vaccinated people can still become infected and have the potential spread the virus to others, although at much lower rates than unvaccinated people.

Common questions

Opinion # 2

Does the COVID-19 vaccine prevent transmission? Evidence suggests the U.S. COVID-19 vaccination program has substantially reduced the burden of disease in the United States by preventing serious illness in fully vaccinated people and interrupting chains of transmission.

Who is right???

Now this is really starting to frost my balls. Is there ever a final or 100% – even 95% opinion that can be trusted. Ask 12 of these asshole, prognosticating, sons-a-bitches (mind you they are all top notch experts in their field) the same question and get 15 different answers.

The whole thing in a nut shell folks, it is all about the money. Whatever happened to the expert opinion that kids under 10 did not need to be vaccinate??? Now that is all we hear about, the necessity for kids to get shot up.

When any son of a bitch would put the dollar$ before the health and well-being of society, there is no one that can get lower than that.

They are cut out of the same cloth as the scumbag medical people that will operate on someone when it is not necessary, just for the fee.

Some of these are older statistics so I am sure the problem has escalated. › content › unnecessary-su…

An estimated 7.5 million unnecessary medical and surgical procedures are performed annually with the number of unnecessary hospital stays around 8.9 million a …

Doctors perform thousands of unnecessary surgeries – USA … › news › nation › 2013/06/18
Jun 18, 2013 — In fact, unnecessary surgeries might account for 10% to 20% of all operations in some specialties, including a wide range of cardiac …

I ask you folks, is this hard to digest or what??

I witnessed this abuse 1st hand seeing it happen to a dear friend. The bastards doctors at this highly respected/rated, supposed to be top notch hospital, knew she had cancer, and was not going to live more then 2 days, but still operated on her by giving her a colostomy. She died the next morning. Is that unconscionable or what. It is too difficult for the average, normal person to wrap their head around. These pricks (the offenders) are supposed to be saving our lives, not killing us for the buck.

I guess the ultimate question is; WTFCWT??? I say no one but you mother and maybe keep a good eye on her.

Years back when a person was troubled, they would go to an old wise priest for a little comfort. They could go to a shrink and get a decent opinion. Kids could go to a camp over the summer – little girls could join gymnastic groups, boys join the BSA of America – kids could go to school and the parents never worried about them getting bullied or shot. I can’t help but wonder how many people see the regression of this country and world but are too afraid to do or say anything about it. The old saying that silence is golden; I say it also can be a sign of ignorance and stupidity. Open up you mouth if you see something out of Kilter.

In my opinion folks, this world has NEVER been as bad off as it is today. We are getting bombarded from all sides. We can’t even depend on our president that is doing his best to destroy this country. He is too ignorant or under the spell/control of the money people that are controlling him to see the real damage he is doing. I don’t even think K J is that F-in stupid.

Look at the boarders – look at the price of fuel – look at the shortage of merchandise in the stores – look at the big picture and then tell me K J (Kamikaze Joe) is not a foul ball that does not have the sense to come out of the rain. Anyone – anyone – anyone that is as ignorant to see what K J and his crew are doing to the country and condone it; they should all be locked up in a padded cell for about 20 years. It is virtually impossible to say this guy is doing is good job or any job at all.

Wrapping this all together in one very large package; in my opinion there is no light at the end of the tunnel; just am out of control train coming at us full speed and the fuckin train operator K J that belongs in the nut house instead of the White House does not have the sense to apply the brakes.

What the extent of the damage he will do is anyone’s guess. If the public could have only one person that we could trust to give us the proper guidance, it would be spectacular.



I really do not like using so many expletive’s, BUTT I feel in particular areas, it is a great way to get the point across. F-em all.

At the rate this train is running out of control, I have my doubts it can be stopped.

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