Is JAWS (Fauci in Italian) a modern day Mengele ….

Josef Mengele | Holocaust Encyclopedia › content › article › jos…

Apr 2, 2009 — Prominent SS physician Josef Mengele, called the “Angel of Death” by his victims, conducted inhumane medical experiments on prisoners in the …Education: Ludwig Maximilian University of Mu…Date of birth: March 16, 1911

Mengele was one of the most sadistic, criminals and henchman in Hitler’s army. His job a SS physician was to surgically experiment on human beings while they were alive. He had a special obsession/affinity with carving up twins, especially one with blue eyes.

Josef Mengele conducted inhumane medical experiments on prisoners at Auschwitz. He was the most prominent of a group of Nazi doctors who conducted experiments that often caused great harm or death to the prisoners. Needless to say; the demented monster derived pleasure from what he did.

Josef Mengele, German physician and SS captain. [LCID: 71555]
#ArrestFauci trends after dogs locked in cages, eaten alive under watch

Who is this guy Jaws really. It seems he has many sides to him that are are very questionable and suspicious. Like most high profile fools; getting any straight answer out of them or on them is like try to pull Moby Dicks back teeth with a pliers.

Is Fauci A “Deep State” Doctor? The Conspiracy Theory That … › sites › sethcohen › 2020/07/14

Jul 14, 2020 — Why is America’s leading infectious disease expert facing so much criticism from the political right? The answer is likely grounded in ..

It is obvious that Jaws has big money people behind him who are protecting him. His actual involvement with Charlie Chan in the Covid thing is still not clear; BUTT there is very strong evidence that he was up to his neck in the cow shit pile with the Chinese in helping developing the poison.

Fauci-Funded Chinese/US Research Led to COVID-19 – Peter … › fauci-funded-chinese-us-research-…

Sep 18, 2020 — All Suspicions Confirmed The Chinese government now has the unlimited ability to keep manufacturing pandemic viruses By Peter R. Breggin MD …

If – if – if these allegations are true, Jaws is a bigger monster than The Angle of Death. Mengele killed ONLY (not to lessen his crimes) thousands; while Jaws (if true) tried to help annihilate the the entire world.

There are a lot of uncertainties about Jaws. BUTT like so many other CONNECTED people, will we ever find out who this sensationalist really is??

#ArrestFauci trends on Twitter as doctor faces criticism for controversial virus research, testing on dogs

Fauci has been widely criticized for allegedly funding inhuman testing on dogs with taxpayer dollars

I am the first one to agree, it is necessary to experiment on animals to eliminate surgical testing on human Ginnie pigs. BUTT, it is the manner and motive for which the experiments are done that is questionable; for science or morbid satisfaction. Where does Jaws stand in this formation??

Will the truth about this mysterious/protected character ever be told?? Doubtful.

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