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Alec Baldwin was told #firearm was #unloaded, search warrant says: report

The firearm handed to Alec Baldwin on Thursday was declared a ‘#cold-gun,’ meaning it was declared #unloaded, a report said

Well guess what folks, the fool that gave the thumbs up (if that is really the case) should be punished for their incompetency.

Not only in the USMC, the rule of thumb or life if you will; ALWAYS – ALWASY – ALWASY double and triple check the chamber of any firearm that is handed to you.

I DON’T GIVE A SHIT IF THERE ARE 50 PEOPLE IN THE ROOM. If a fire arm is passed to you, ALWAY check the chamber, even if the person before you did it 3 seconds ago. If that would have been the procedure with Baldwin, today there would NOT have been one dead person and one wounded.

I always a have a story. This is one of the greats. I used to get together with a bunch of guys for breakfast. We talked more shit than a Christmas goose could. It was quite entertaining. The stuff we bullshitted about was so hilarious I even wanted to put together a program and feature it on Sirus radio – I had the connection, but none of the fools I broke bread with wanted to get involved. That day the gun issue was the topic of conversation.

One of the guys (there were about 10 of us) sitting at the table told me he had a German Luger in his car. I told him to bring it in.

Mind you, I just finished my speal on gun safety. Sitting directly across for me was Big Phil Pres..

The guy came back in the restaurant, handed me the gun; the first thing I did was check the chamber by cocking the slide. Take a guess what happened. Sure as shit a live round ejected. Big Phil liked to shit in his pants and almost had a heart attack. You #mother-fucker, he screamed at me , you could have #shot me. He was as white as a ghosts sheet.

We had a room to the side where we did not bother the rest of the patrons.

I yelled back at Big Philly, if I would not have #checked the #chamber as I have been preaching to you #fuckin #dummies, someone else would be picking up the tab today.

That is not the best part of he story. The guy that owned the gun Frank S; yes was a gun dealer. He almost started crying. Take a guess at who I handed the check to.

ALWAYS – ALWASY – ALWASY double and triple check the chamber of any firearm that is handed to you.

My final answer to Big Philly; I should have shot your #big #ass and did us all a favor!!

Everyone else was laughing except Philly and Frank.

Once again: #ALWAYS – ALWASY – ALWASY double and triple check the chamber of any #firearm that is handed to you.


Passing a Firearm to Another Person

When passing a firearm to another person, follow these steps.

  • Keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction.
  • Turn your back toward the other person, and unload the firearm.
  • Put the safety on.
  • With the action open, check the chamber and magazine to make sure there is no ammunition.
  • Face the other person, and let him or her grasp the firearm securely.
  • Continue to hold onto the firearm until the other person confirms that he or she is holding it securely by saying “Thank you,” “I’ve got it,” or something similar.

As you can see my dear followers, I have a wealth of knowledge in many areas. I get great satisfaction passing on to you. Don’t be #greedy and #selfish; pass on my website to all your friends ( If you have any) and family members. One day, what I pass on may save your life.

AXE Philly if you think I am bullshitting – Don’t try to AXE Frank, he bought the farm shortly after that. No he did not get shot; all of the Capicola sandwiches he stuffed down his throat finally caught up with him. Just like Tony Soprano.

MESSAGE TO AL: Bladwin; if you need any guidance in your life, drop me an email. It seems that bad luck follows you around like the plague. The shooting is a real shame and could have been avoided.

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