K J (Kamikaze Joe), is playing with toy soldiers, while …

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Charlie Chan is licking his lips ….

Posted on 10/22/2021 by The Goomba Gazette

After Biden says US would defend Taiwan from attack, China says there’s ‘no room for compromise’

China and US trade barbs over future of Taiwan

K J better not assume that he is going to push around the Chinese or any other of our enemies. Where for the most part, the USA is a very humane country, human life does not mean shit to them.

While K J is playing with his toy soldiers, all of our advisories in the world are playing for keeps.

We are (The USA) is in one of the most dangerous/precarious positions we have ever been in. The entire world is sitting on a powder keg just waiting for it to blow. This is not the time to make idle threats that we can not back up.

The people we are dealing with come from a different place, socially, mentality wise, aggressiveness, mind sets, views on brutality, values for human life. They have no rules they play by and are not the most hospitable people when it comes to fighting wars. They are not subject to public scrutiny/criticism as the USA is.

In contrast, in modern times, the USA has never had a major war on it’s home turf. If and when it does happen (I am sure someday it will), it will be a shocking awakening for many people. We are dealing with hardened military people that are not used to idle threats or anyone selling them WOLF TICKETS as K J has a habit of doing.

Militarizing Space - The Fallujah Fallacy
This is part of what they do to their enemies

A: To “sell wolf tickets,” an expression that’s about 60 years old, is to oversell yourself—to spread boasts or threats that you can’t (or won’t) back up. The usage was first recorded in writing in 1963, when sociologists noted its use by Black gang members in Chicago.

Just like when K J called The Judo Guy a KILLER. Whether it is true or not, that is against every law of diplomacy there is. K J is nothing but a loud mouth fools that only speaks when he should. In the Marine Corps, we call them paper assholes.

Personally; if I were in K J’s shoes, without being obsequious or a coward like John Kerry was when dealing Iran, I would relish a great relationship with ALL of our enemies. The people we are dealing with admire others with a tenacity, backbone, legitimacy, character and can pick a coward out of a crowd in a micro-second.

I was at a stage party/barbecue years back thrown by Collinwood Concrete. There was one hell of a crap game going on, that was a tradition for the event. One of the contractors had the dice, he was kicking ass. The guy was on fire. All he was yelling the entire time he had the bones was, bet what you want fellas, GOD HATES A COWARD.

That is the moral of this tale. Don’t sell wolf tickets and be able to back up what you say. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS. Only fools threaten other people.


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