Article by: Ben Owen – Black rifle company

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Here’s the reality of what happens to women (a girl, if we’re being honest) who speak out or act equal in Afghanistan: Mahjubin Hakimi, a player of the #Afghanistan national women’s volleyball team, who played in the youth age category, was beheaded by the #Talban terrorist group in #Kabul. In an interview with #Independent Farsi, one of the coaches of the Afghan women’s national volleyball team confirmed the death of this #Hazara female athlete. Where are all my woke warriors and the squad and the #metoo folks when it comes to this horrible violation of women’s rights? Are you really wanting to make a difference and take a stand, are you truly concerned about women having justice, or just the appearance of such?

Is it conscionable in this day and age, the year 2021, that barbarian conditions like this still exist in the world.

Did these savages ever stop and think; if it was not for the female population, none of us would be here. That being said; I would suggest that females should be regarded and respected higher than the male species or at the very least EQUAL.

Will the day ever come when these monsters become civilized and see the errors of their ways. This has been going on for 1,000’s of years, so I do not see any immediate changes coming soon.

I can’t help wonder if these uncivilized mindsets apply to their mother, sisters and grandmothers. I am almost be fearful of knowing the answer.

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