From Fox News – California: Gas-powered lawn equipment tops long list of things banned by Newsom

California: Gas-powered lawn equipment tops long list of things banned by Newsom

The people in California better hurry out and buy up all the goats they can find. With the governor putting a ban on all lawn maintenance, the weeds will grow out of control.

I guess switching to electric equipment is going to become more popular. Recently I switched from a hand cranking leaf blower that kicked my ass every-time I tried to tart it. I bought a 80 Volt battery operated one that is just as powerful; and I do not need mouth to mouth while trying to crank up.

Not that I do not agree the people out west they have a severe water shortage, as well as many other places in the world and we must develop new ways to cut the uses of gas. I just gotta wonder, based on the Newsome’s past record of not abiding by his own rules, what kind of fuel is jet plane takes, is stretch limousine, and his yacht. Will he bite the bullet?? I doubt it.

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