Talk about a shakedown …..

First they stick us up with a gun; get sent to prison for their crimes, then they stick up society once again having to pay them to get a Covid shot

Hawaii to pay inmates to get vaccinated

Inmates who were incarcerated on or after March 3 will be paid $50 to get vaccinated, The Associated Press reported. More than 2,500 inmates qualify for the monetary incentive today, with the program scheduled to run until the end of 2024. The Hawaii Department of Public Safety says it is working hard to keep its inmates safe. “We’ve seen a substantial increase in inmate vaccinations that we believe is a result of our education efforts. It is our hope that inmates who are still on the fence about getting vaccinated will participate,” said Tommy Johnson, the deputy director for corrections. At least nine Hawaii prisoners have died of the coronavirus since the pandemic began.

WKOBIT?? The convictions are nailing society from all directions. This is what happens when society becomes too liberal and accommodating with law breakers.

Line them up like they did to us in the military before we crossed the pond; get out the old trusty air gun vaccine injector and blast away. Anyone that refuses is thrown into the dungeon for a few months.

Beside being easy to give shots, the gun is a very fast procedure. One sharpshooter and do 1,000’s of shots a day.

The authorities may have to interrupt some of the inmates from having their monthly conjugal visits or other social activities, BUTT they can be given extra commissaries for their trouble.

Mississippi Ending Prisoner Conjugal Visits |

After all; we do not want to inconvenience or intrude on the convicts unnecessarily.

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