Keep nepotism out of politics ….

Ivanka Trump almost landed one of the world’s biggest jobs


As The Atlantic reported in 2019, Trump considered putting his daughter in charge of the world’s main source of financial assistance for developing countries — he may even have been quite keen. With nearly $100 billion in loan commitments this year alone, the World Bank is a global leader in the struggle against poverty.

It would have been a big mistake. Not only is Ivanka not qualified, the move would have been a conflict of interest somewhere down the line.

In 2019, Ivanka Trump was a 37-year-old with a bachelor’s degree who, but for a brief stint with a rival real estate company, never worked for anyone other than her dad or herself. This record included, of course, her loosely defined work as a White House aide — the role which led her to become her father’s seat-warmer at the meeting of the world’s 20 biggest economic powers.

It is unfortunate that far too many positions have been filled by people that really are not qualified, BUTT their lineage, their race or sex got them the job. Positions of power/responsibility are taken too loosely. This is not about how good looking they are or who their daddy is, some of their decision making can adversely effect the apple cart.

For PDT to have given his daughter would have been a big mistake. Just like Car-mella; don’t tell me that there are not more qualified in this country to fill the 2nd (possibly the 1st) seat.

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