Living in the past – what about tomorrow ……

Kamala Harris denounces European explorers for ushering in ‘wave of devastation’ for Native Americans

Harris accused the Europeans of ‘perpetrating violence, stealing land, and spreading disease’

Come on Carm, this is 2021 . Sounds very similar to me as to what is still going on these days.

One gigantic question. Why are we as a nation not looking to the future and building a better society opposed to poking the bear all the time?? We all know what happened 200 plus years ago and can not do a damn thing about it. BUTT here is a guess what to all the rabblerousing butt heads out there. We can not change the past BUTT we can control the future.

One way of accomplishing that is to have honorable people, like Car-mella should be, pushing for unity instead of poking the stick in the hornets nest and pissing off a lot of hornets.

When some of the fools on their soap box do not have anything legitimate to complain about, (in many areas, conditions have never been as good as they are now for the blacks) they have to dig in the closet to see what is under their dirty skivvies.

When is the first or last time we heard Car-mella encourage her people to get #educated and reduce the #crime rate. Both elements are direct contributors to our #dysfunctionality. Is there room for improvements in a sectors of society?? Hell yes; all the way around; the fact of the matter is this is a big country with a lot of people coming from different backgrounds and social environments to contend with.

As long as there is crime (it will never go away) and ignorant people, with fools rocking the boat, the best we can hope for is to contain some sort of civility. With encouragement from notable people and good examples set; that is how domestic harmony will be achieved. These goals will never be achieved if some fools keep telling the masses how they have been beaten in their lives. In many case, the rebel rousers are the people that are living the GOOD LIFE and are not suffering from the day to day turmoil.

People need positivity in their lives, not being overloaded with negativity. It is perfectly acceptable to bring up the history of the black people occasionally (it should never be forgotten) in the same token, show them the way to success through education and reduced crime. That is the complete package.

If the black community takes positive advantage of all that is available for them; there is not telling how far they can go. They have to go after it, it will not come after them.

EDUCATION!!! No such thing as a free ride.

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