Just how low will the extreme far left go????


Dean Cain spoke out on the revelation that DC Comics' new Superman is bisexual.

It is not bad enough they are trying to corrupt anything and everything that has been sacred to our kis and society for centuries, now they are making Superman’s old man into s switch-hitting sissy. GFAGFB.

When will the lefters stupidity ever cease?? Better yet, WTF will the righters get their cowardly heads out of the cowardly ass and stand up to these fools??? What is the point; total domination??

The comic book publisher announced on Monday that the son of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, Jon, who recently joined his dad as Superman, will begin a relationship with a male friend in an upcoming issue. 

Speaking on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday, Cain, who portrayed the Man of Steel for four seasons on the 1993 TV series “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” shared his thoughts on the idea, noting that he doesn’t believe a bisexual Superman is anything particularly groundbreaking. 

These are the same son of a bitches that agree with the school that was teaching the 1st graders how to (jack off, hate to be so bold but it deserves it) and feel that the parents of the kids should NOT have any say so on who and what their kids are taught.

Can’t make shit like this up folks.

New York: Teacher Taught 1st Graders About Masturbation …https://www.insider.com › News › People

Jun 13, 2021 — A teacher who taught sex-education classes to first graders at the elite Dalton School in New York City has resigned, according to the New York .

All I can say to the dunce parents that are sitting on their hands, with their mouths taped up and allowing this crap to continue; FOOLS THEY ARE WINNING THIS WAR!!

I have stated so many times, if not nipped in the bud; before too long we will have a fully grown tree that is too big and sturdy to bend.

At this rate of breakneck speed of dementing the kids minds, before too long we will have an unrecognized society as we once knew it.

To all of the people on the right that are waiting for Trump to get reelected, riding his mighty steed back into Tomb Stone and clean house again; don’t get your hopes up. There are too many reasons why that may never happen. Some not so pleasant.

Just take a good look at what K J fucked up in 30 seconds that took Trump to establish. If the righters don’t get a handle on it soon, there will NEVER be any coming back.

These degenerates that initiate trash like this, are the same scum that promote teaching kids in the 1st grade how to jack-off . Hate to be so bold. Masturbate does not get it. Then they have the balls to tell the kids parents they have no right into what their kids are taught. Home schooling never looked better.

All of these issue couple together have been long range plans by the extreme-left to destroy this country and turn it’s mindless citizens into controlled robots, wait for their masters to push their start button.

US election: How left-wing is the Democratic field? - BBC News
Just a few spokes in a very big wheel

The degenerates behind these movements are about as despicable as any creature can get.

Are they going to have Superwomen and Super-girl in their sights next??


I have always maintained; let kids mature mentally and physically on their own; they do not need to be subliminally brainwashed.

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