Jon Gruden resigns as Raiders head coach after homophobic, misogynistic emails revealed

The bombshell report detailed Jon Gruden’s email exchanges with former WFT leader Bruce Allen

If everyone on the planet had their feet held to the fire for comments they made, there would be trillions of burnt sox.

Possibly what Gruden said was not to everyone’s liking, but it was the man’s opinion. He may be wrong, BUTT than he may be right with his assessments.

Gruden in at least one email, according to the Times, called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell an anti-gay slur and a “clueless anti-football p—y” and argued that Goodell shouldn’t have allegedly pressured then-St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher to draft “queers,” in reference to former NFL defensive lineman Michael Sam, who was the first openly gay player to be selected in the draft. 

In my opinion, as far as Goodell is concerned, he is just what Gruden inferred he was, a stone pussy. There have been numerous incidents through the years that came up where Goodell had to make some serious decisions and fell very short of doing the right and patriotic thing. All THE BOY is, is a puppet to the NFL owners; who by the way are sitting in the same boat Rodger is Dodger is.

Roger Goodell is the worst commissioner ever – The Criterion › Home › Sports

Apr 30, 2017 — Objectively speaking he is bad at his job, and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably a direct beneficiary of his poor decision making, Or, …

Worst Decisions of the Roger Goodell Era – NFL – Bleacher … › NFL

Every decision that Goodell makes help to establish a precedent—both good and bad—then all future decisions are compared to his earlier choices.

As far as calling Michael Sam a queer; that is a very common term used among the gay community. They do not seem to mind it, so what is the big issue.

What is that thing we call; FREEDOM OF SPEECH???

I don’t think what was said 10 years ago or yesterday should cost the man his job. Like the old saying goes; opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

I happen to like Gruden. He is a very intense guy and a man’s man, good for the players. These days; that is like hen’s teeth, very hard to find.

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