#Commonsense should #prevail ….

Thousands of nurses and other health care workers across New York state have lost their jobs or been suspended because they are refusing to comply with the state’s mandate to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Going into effect on Sept. 27, the mandate has led to staffing shortages, although some of the large hospital systems in the state have said they are maintaining continuity of services.

I am the first one that does not want to be bull-dozed by our government; so for that reason I can understand why some people are still relucant to get THE SHOTS.

On the other side of the coin; for no other reason to get the shot is to rid society of this INVISIBLE KILLER. I was the 1st one to put that handle on Mr Covid when it’s ugly head surfaced, thanks to Charlie Chan and his crew.

The #invisible #killer ….

Posted on 02/29/2020 by The Goomba Gazette

Don’t get the shot for yourself; get it to protect all the people you come in contact with, especially your family members. The monster can still be bet or at least put under control if everyone gets the shots and wears the mask where necessary.


Don’t be like the politicians in this country – put a little love in your hearts

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