#Two-faced or what????

George Clooney rules out a career in politics, says Joe Biden is ‘struggling with Trump’s legacy’

Actor and director said he will not be throwing his hat into any political races

George Clooney said he will not get into politics.


George has decided not to run for political office as many celebs do. I think the politicians and actors are perfectly suited for politics; both are only putting on a performance.

I would love to see if there was a shit eating grin on Georgie’s kisser if he and his family had to suffer because of K J’s blunders. They live in the castle on the hill without a care in the word.

Photos: Photos: Lake Como's Villas, Interiors, and Glamorous Denizens |  Vanity Fair
This is just one of many cribs Clooney owns. Think he can he can connect with the common-man??

This is one example of how hypocritical some left-wingers are. If PDT was getting his ass handed to him by the entire nation (except his family) like K J is; they would have had him #tarred – #feathered – and carried out of town on a rail already. All Loony Clooney could come up with for K J is struggling.

#GMAFB, the man is getting #destroyed Georgie Boy. Best part, he is too #ignorant or #DGAF and refuses to change his positions.

Many times I use the example of a lady friend I had. Her kid was a bad as bad could be. The kid could be standing in front of a bank teller with K 47 and the mother would say; look how nice Henry is playing wit the lady. It is called total denial.

Wake up, open your eyes and take the shit out of your ears, Georgie and crew; K J (Kamikaze Joe) will go down in history as one of the worst of the worst. Don’t try to cover up or white wash the facts.

STRUGGLE does not cut it.

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