God may have something for Byrd, BUTT Judy doesn’t ….

After 25 years of working with the Nasty Old Lady, Judge Judy (her cantankerous personality is what made her popular); Byrd, her faithful bailiff was kicked to the curb when J J is getting ready to start a new program, formatted differently.

With very self-centered people like J J; it is not what you did for me yesterday, what can you do for me tomorrow. She has not even give Byrd a good reason she kicked him to the curb. She just dropped a bomb on him and said he was NOT part of the new program.

Petri Hawkins Byrd, seen here on "Judge Judy" in 2011, is one of the most familiar supporting players on daytime TV, although he sometimes says very little.

“That’s just the way it went,” Byrd said of parting ways with Sheindlin. “I just know that God has something else for me.”

We can’t feel too sorry for Byrd; the old boy did pretty well when he worked with the Old Witch. Like many others, I watch the old bag to see just how nasty she will be. There have been many times that she has been a little overboard with her comments to Byrd and he displayed it.

How much is Byrd’s salary on Judge Judy? – Quorahttps://www.quora.com › How-much-is-Byrds-salary-o..

.Byrd (aka Petri HawkinsByrdis one of the wealthiest bailiffs ever with a net worth of $3.5 million dollars. Byrd’s salary is about $1 Million per year.

The only person that has a better job on TV is Vanna White. I still can not figure that one out, She gotta have a VERY good agent, or caught one of the management in a compromising position. Do you know she makes 10 million a year to do absolutely nothing to walk and point. Where the hell do I sign up??

Speaking of salaries; J J makes the most of any celeb on the Tele. The old bag makes 47 million a years to insult people. Hell; I do that for free.

I don’t know if Byrd should have tight jaws for not being re-upped; he had a good run while it lasted.

My suspicion is; J J has a reason for not re-upping her old side kick, BUTT just wants to keep a lid on it.

Whatever the case may be, fools like me will continue to watch the old hag waiting to see what kind of nastiness she can come up with to insult her guests.

I certainly do not blame her for squeezing all she can out of the network. More power to her. I hope she can make 147 million a year. Only thing wrong with that picture,

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it is not me

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