Fire water makes some people do crazy things ….

This is the most unforgiveable part of the Urban Meyer bar video calamity

I don’t know what this guys MO is, if this little mishap of his is a common practice for him?? Using my good old G-2, I would say he is a frequent flyer.

It is very tough for any human being that is in the spot light all the time, with every Tom – Dick and Harry, Sally – Suzie and Liz telling them how great they are. Before they know it, they start to believe the hype.

The most embarrassing thing the way I see it, is to his family.

Urban Meyer's Family: Guide to NFL Coach, Wife, Kids

It is a tough assignment, BUTT people in his position have to be the better person. Could I resist in his position?? Hard to tell.

One great guy that sticks in my mind was Pa Pa Joe Paterno; a man among men. They guy was a super star among all people, especially the young men he mentored. He did 10,000 things right and 1 wrong. What will he be remembered for. The Penn State Sandusky scandal.

I am not making excuses for Urban or anyone else; just stating a fact. Fame – firewater and booty mixed together are a rough combination to deal with.

I have always maintained metaphorically; DON’T GO WHERE YOU DON’T BELONG!!!

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