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Maher rails against ‘outrageous’ Sinema harassment, rips far left for demanding ‘everything’ in spending bills

Maher warned progressives about being too insistent regarding the size of two bills being debated in Congress

AUSM with these fools

“I think this is outrageous,” Maher reacted during a panel discussion on Friday, about the intrusion on Sinema. “You may not like the politics, but when this shit starts to happen, I don’t know where the safe space is in America. And I don’t know where it ends.”

Maher is finally opening his eyes to what the other side has been dealing with for years. Absolute, unequivocal nonsense. If some of these fools made sense, I would be the 1st one to side with them. It does not matter to me what party they belong to or who they shack up with at night.

A little a a time, it seems that Bill Maher is coming to his senses and see what the hell the far-letfers are doing to destroy this country. What does that tell me about the man; he is willing to look at issues with open eyes instead of; it is just because everyone else is doing it syndrome; as it appeared he was awhile back.

This is all I would expect from anyone, to be senseable, reasonable and honest. Political parties do not mean shit; all they are is a LABEL some fools group under. Personally, I think the parties should be deep sixed. Vote for the person and what their platform is; and most importantly, make sure they follow up on their promises after they get elected, or walk the plank.

Keep’em coming Billy, we sure need more like you.

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