The finger is always pointed the other way …

Biden administration blames ongoing pandemic fears for disappointing jobs report

By Betsy Klein and Maegan Vazquez, CNN

Updated 10:55 AM ET, Fri October 8, 2021

Ifff, K J (Kamikaze Joe) is right, doubtful, why is it that so many businesses are closing down because they can not get help?? Once again, he doesn’t make sense. Companies are dying for help and offering very expectable pay levels and incentives for help, some including places like Walmart, are offering to pay for college for their employees, BUTT still no takers. They have gotten so used to laying on their lazy ass and the government supporting them, WORK has become their new hated 4 letter word.

As of a few months ago; people were getting so used to getting their palms greased from the government; they were making more by not working under social services handouts. BUTT we have the same fools in power that are the root of the problem pointing the finger at anything and everything BUTT themselves.

When you point a finger at someone else, there are three pointing back at  you. | Finger, Pointing fingers, Mudras

This is all part of the scheme for a socialist government, where all citizen are under government control rule, and herded around like a mindless flock of sheep. They want to make us all mental cripples.

I believe if the pandemic would have been handled in a more senseable manner, and full co-operation was given by everyone, we would not have the chaos we have today. The story changes everyday; BUTT none of the experts will ever admit they were wrong the day before.

I would assume the K J will not admit the fact that he and his crew are responsible for any of the upheaval we are experiencing these days; mainly The Wall and Covid-19. I must not be alone with my opinions; as of today, K J has only a 31% approval rating. As often as K J busted PDT balls, he never got as low as J K has.

Remember K J; if you are gonna to sit in the BIG CHAIR, you gotta play by the rules.

That is all well and good; BUTT K J doesn’t even know what state he is in from time to time. So how can he be expected to operate rationally??

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