Just another chaotic situation Kamikaze Joe created

Drug seizures of fentanyl, meth see uptick along southwest border: DEA

The migrant surge is redirecting resources away from stopping drug trafficking

Just like the post I did a few hours.

IFFFF you were to AXE K J if he accepts any responsibility for the conditions he created by throwing the gates wide open, he will deny it. If nothing else, I said nothing else, the guy is one of the best bull-shitters with a straight face I have ever seen. The long-range damage and misery that will be the direct cause of K J’s inexcusable actions, are going to be felt for decades and centuries to come will be incalculable.

I just want to hear how anyone say they approve or defend what K J has done is for the betterment of the country or imply it was sensible, so I can call them AFI.

Even these people think he is nuts!

Watch One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest | Prime Video
K J; you are as F-in nuts as we all are

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