GMAFB – write this guy off …..

This will be just the 1st step in the Corp giving the farm away. Traditions were made to be kept, not to be changed or broken so they cater to each and every individual. If you do not agree with the codes of conduct and formalities, don’t join.

I really can’t blame this guy, I blame the Corp for their #pussy #style #capitulating.

Next the Italians are going to demand they can wear a bowl of spaggs and balls on the head – the Polish, a string of Polish sausage – the Chinese, Won Ton soup – GMAFB.

Being in the Marine Corps, being able to serve my country and making it out safely is one of the proudest accomplishment of my life. Now, along with all of the thousands that now serve or came before us, we are forced to sit back and watch the powers to be destroy many traditions the Corps stood for.

On Sept. 23, 1st Lt. Sukhbir Toor possibly became the first Marine to lawfully wear a turban in a Marine Corps uniform.

The Marine Corps granted Toor the ability to wear his turban, uncut hair and a beard in uniform, in accordance with his Sikh faith, unless he deploys to a combat zone or while he is wearing a dress uniform in a ceremonial unit, The New York Times first reported.

Get back to the basics fools. Once you open the barn doors, you will never get all of the critters reigned back in.

SEPMER FI is really getting tested.

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