A new surprise everyday …. Get it right ladies …..


The studies, from Israel and from Qatar and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, support arguments that even fully vaccinated people need to maintain precautions against infection.

That is why many of the doctors and scientist were labeled with the term practicing medicine. They keep throwing out parts and trying new ones until they get it right, if they ever do. I would think that something so critical as the effeteness of Covid shots would be nailed down before any reports were announced to the public.

Just like JAWS(Fauci), many of them come up with new findings everyday to keep their name in the news.

I do understand that results can only be determined after a period of time and use. What I am alluding to; keep some of the information under wraps until they are positive they are correct. Changing the dialog everyday only throws a monkey wrench into the already confused public.

Many of these town criers are like the media; they always wants to be the 1st to report and many times get the news wrong.

I remember when JFK was killed. 50 different news media were sending out 1,000 different message all at the same time hoping to have the 1st scoop. Kenned is dead – Kenny is not dead – JFK was shot by ten snipers – Kennedy was shot by a lone gunman …..



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