The Webs most dangerous website, Facha-book …..

Facebook whistleblower revealed on ’60 Minutes,’ says the company prioritized profit over public good

BY THE WAY; I am going on vacation tomorrow – be gone for 3 weeks – if you want to rob my house, the key to the front door is behind the green flower pot on my front porch.

I call Facha-book the most dangerous website on the planet. Too many people, young and old are addicted to it’s use and spill their guts to the world on a daily basis.

EXCUSE ME; Be right back; I have to go choke my chicken.

It is simply mind boggling what kinds of nonsensical information some fools are willing to reveal about themselves, some very personal and some very stupid.

Take a wild guess – yes, they are Fach-booking one another

Facha-book like many other organizations; the most important thing to them i$ their bottom line$. Their concern for people’$ $afety and wellbeing can be compared to the sport$ teams$ owner$ that refuse to quit sellin$ that watered down crap they call beer for 10 a cup to try and curb fan violence. The dead president$ are their main concern.

Spectator Violence in Stadiums – ASU Center for Problem … › content › spectator-violence…

by TD Madensen · Cited by 63 — This guide addresses the problem of spectator violence in stadiums and … more likely to act out if their team performs poorly.35 Aggression in sports fans …

The Most Violent Fan Incidents in Sports | Bleacher Report › articles › 1014485-most-vi…

However, there are occasional violent fan incidents that get out of control and put those involved in serious danger. Through the medium of YouTube, …

BUTT in the long run, the flesh is weak, we have to put the blame jacket on the fools that use these type of venues and media.

No fans, no un-American football game – no followers, no Facha-book and other dangerous media.

I have to put part of the blame on the parents for their lack of supervision. They don’t have to hire a sitter anymore to watch their brats while they are getting smashed; just slap a computer game or cell phone in their hands; then go on drinking their 80.00$ a bottle of glass of vino. Probably was made for a fin or le$$.

Too Much Wine Cocktail Napkins

I better hurry; in all this confusion of getting involved with Facha-book, I threw the dog in the dryer instead of the cloths. Poor thing must be awful dizzy by now.

Well, at least, she got the ear wax out

Who else can we blame for this out of control obsession’s; naturally the suit and skits in D C. They are too busy planning their next vacation. Public safety and the welfare of this country is the last thing on their agenda. In my opinion, all of the offenders are stretching the hell out of the constitution and using it against what it was intended for.

Hang on a second; I just got a Facha-book message from K J (Kamikaze Joe) I have to respond to.

I am telling you folks, this is the way of the future

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