Pay me now or pay me later – #later has #arrived

California’s oil spill points to another #problem: #Aging and #deteriorating offshore oil equipment

By Ella Nilsen and Liz Stark, CNN

Updated 3:47 PM ET, Tue October 5, 2021

Big oil companies for the most part are like all the other #greed-baggers. They #suck in the #profits and #neglect the #maintenance that is #required to keep their #property/structures in good working order.

Oil leaks like this are just one more reason I say, mankind is #destroying itself.


After a pipeline leak sent as much as 144,000 gallons of oil gushing into the ocean off the coast of California last week, energy experts pointed to another growing problem: America’s offshore oil and gas infrastructure is aging, and becoming increasingly vulnerable to accidents, natural disasters and stronger hurricanes.

144,000 gallons is a hell of a lot of oil that will cause unmeasurable damage to the wildlife and the environment. Just one gallon spilled in the ocean is too much. The fact of the matter, many of the advancements mankind has made have reached their efficiency peaks and are going the other way, with no one watching the store. Eventually, as in the oil leak that could probably have been avoided, the shit hits the fan, they acted too late and damage is done. The repairs will cost the companies and the government (we the people) 1,000 times what it would have cost to do their routine maintenance.

Take a wild guess and ask yourself if the price of gas will go up on account of this leak. Wanna bet. The owners of these #disasters are so slick, they never loose a dolls related to these incidents. Somewhere, somehow they pass it all on to the consumers (we the people).

Will situation like this encourage the owners of these entities to be more #vigilant?? HELL NO.

It is the same thing as the bridges and other structures in this country that falter. No one pays any attention until the damage is done.

There is no doubt in my mind; slowly but surely, mankind is nailing another spike in it’s #coffin.

Pay me know or much more later – later has already arrived.

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