Jaws (Fauci in Italian) gotta keep the fire stoked ..

Fauci slammed for claiming it’s ‘too soon’ to consider Christmas gatherings

Last year, Fauci said Christmas 2021 should be back to normal

How about Christmas of 2050 or Christmas of 2060??

Why can’t this prognosticator sit back for awhile, maintain radio silence for a few months and keep some of his speculation to himself. The man is obsessed with getting his nose in front of the camera. All he is doing with all of his banter is confusing the hell out of the people.

Dr. Fauci emails: How private comments stack up against public words

Zip it up Jaws and give up and give it a rest.

Meanwhile; I think the approach I suggested a few weeks ago makes the most sense.

Always the fear factor ….

Posted on 09/23/2021 by The Goomba Gazette

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