So you think you are important …..

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There are far too many of these fools around.

Recently I was just having a conversation with one of my nephews who has done very well for himself in the business world. We were talking about the importance of the people that are the meat and potatoes, the backbone, the grunts, of a company as we called them in the USMC; the people on the front lines doing the dirty work who are many times are over looked, unappreciated or fairly recognized for their hard work.

Any boss or owner who thinks he or she is the entire ball game they better think twice, maybe three times. Without out the front-liners, the grunts, all companies or organizations are eventually destine to falter.

As I was talking to my nephew, I remembered a conversation I had with a doctor at one time that stuck with me. At the time I was getting pretty pissed off at all the medications I was taking and asked doctor; Doc, are all the pills I am taking doing me any good?? He gave me an answer I’ll never forget; why don’t you stop taking them and see.

This may not be the greatest comparison or exact example, but at the same time it is. Any head of a company or organization – boss – supervisor – director or person of authority who thinks they are the only ones that are responsible for the success is sorely mistaken. It take a team effort to be successful. Without the oarsmen rowing the boat, that vessel is going nowhere.

Hire good qualified people – listen to their suggestions, they may be right – acknowledge their accomplishments, but do not be afraid to correct them if they are wrong – never admonish an employee in front of their fellow workers – give them the same respect you demand – reward them for their good work (good job NP) – without the front-liners, the company or organization is nothing.

Never forget where you came from; excessive arrogance and greed will make your decent a lot fast than your ascent. Most important; treat everyone you come in contact (not only your fellow workers) with with the same respect you want. We all were created equal; a fact that to many fools forget.

One term or saying I never liked; I have 20 people WORKING OFR ME. The working for me part turns me off. They are working WITH YOU not for you.

Cheers, good health and success from The Goomba Gazette.

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