Testing the waters …..

China sends more than three dozen warplanes in skies near Taiwan in largest incursion yet


Taipei, Taiwan (CNN)China sent 38 warplanes into the skies around Taiwan on Friday, the highest number of Chinese military aircraft to breach the island’s Air Defense Identification Zone in a single day since Taipei began publicly reporting such activities last year, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said Friday night.

Incidents like this are just a test to see what kind of reaction Charlie Chan gets from the countries they are harassing. China is definitely getting the ducks (war machines) ready to rock and roll.

If you get Amazon prime, check out the segment from 60 Minutes Australia on how China is sharpening their swords, wait to pounce on Taiwan. It is not a matter of if, it is matter of when.

When that happens, it will set off chaos around the world.

I said this before; China has no regard for human life. If they lose 50 – 60 -100 million of their people in their quest to conquer the world, so be it. That is one of the reason they tried to infect the entire world with Covid-19. They could have achieved their goals and not fired a shot.

I wish there was some favorable news to blog about folks, BUTT like Hen’s teeth, it is very scarce.

How do you ladies like this set ……

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