An end to centuries old tradition, the Blue Code – maybe

California Gov. Newsom signs sweeping police reform bills

In this Sept. 14, 2021, file photo, California Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks in San Francisco. On Thursday, he signed a series of police reform measures in an effort to increase transparency. (Associated Press)

More than three dozen groups representing police officers opposed the legislation, according to a report

The Assembly bill calls for officers to intervene if they suspect a fellow officer is using too much force against a suspect, but the police group argued that in fast-moving incidents, an officer arriving at the scene of an incident might not have enough information to determine if the force is excessive, according to the newspaper.

I did several post awhile ago where I suggested that one sure way of controlling police abuse was for POLICE TO POLICE THE POLICE.

This is one of many posts I did .

Mandatory changes in the constitution policeman’s oath – police policing police!!!!….

Posted on 05/31/2020 by The Goomba Gazette

Is it something that we want to impose on the cops?? Hell no. Their code of silence and brotherhood has been around ever since the cops were stealing an apple from a hucksters fruit stand. Many of them graduated to bigger and better things.

It is what we can call breaking the code is a necessary evil. Something that no one wants, but has to be done for the betterment of society.

What better way is there, if a cop see another cop committing a crime, for them to put a stop to it immediately and report it.

One thing many people neglect to recognize, if a cop is committing a crime, he is a criminal. Something we have an abundance of and do not need any more. Especially while hiding behind a badge.

A study in 2016 shows police officers arrested 1,100 times per year, or 3 per day, nationwide. That most probably are the only crimes that that they were caught committing.

Just like the perverted bastards that get involved in sporting and child participated activities so they have easy access to kids for molestation. Many people join the police force to make doing a crime a lot easier.

If Newsome’s plan is initiated, is it going to clean up the cops abuse thing 100%?? Hell no, but if helps ever 25% that is a step forward.

One thing that has to be allowed, is for the cops to do their jobs as they were trained to do. Their authority can not be taken away completely or cities will find it impossible to fill the ranks of the police force.

What Newsome the Nut is suggesting only happens in a perfect world. There are many issues he is not touching on. There ABSOLUTELY has to be a reduction in crime if these measure are going to work. Personally I do not see it. If the crime rate is not reduced, it will be impossible for the cops to be effective with these new measures in place.

There has to be give and take on all sides in order to achieve success. Newsome and his supporters must preach crime reduction. That also is a very big hurtle to jump. In my opinion, reducing the crime rate is a 1,000% harder than to get cops to walk the straight and narrow. I have always maintained; no crime, no need for cop intervention. SOOOOOOO. which is the most important step to take first??

If the penalties for the criminals are to lenient; where is the deterrent for the criminals not commit the crimes.

Let be realistic. Crime will never be eliminated. This is a very F-ed up, violent and corrupt world we live in. I would say that it can be reduced if all sides come together, but complete squashed; HELL NO.

To be repetitive; the reduction of crime is 1,000% more important than curbing police violence. No Crime – No need for cop intervention. It can be a very peaceful society we live in if everyone had the same goals. The cold hard facts are; not everyone wants peace.

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