Lives in a glass house ….

Biden may owe up to $500K in back taxes

Biden may have improperly used ‘S corporations’ to avoid taxes on speaking fees and book sales

K J ( Kamakshi Joe) is living in a glass abode, BUTT is rolling boulders at everyone else for trying to beat the system. He falls into the same category as his cousin Albert Sharpless and the rest of the hustlers that do not pay their taxes.

BUTT for guys in their positions; they claim to know nothing about their financial affairs because they hire EXPERTS to do their banking and associated bookkeeping. GMAFB!!!

Did Sharpless ever swing?? You know the answer to that. He is black and a supposed preacher. What is better protection than that?? The first thing always out of this guys mouth when his back is against the wall is, racism.

Who would have ever thought a small time hustler would …….

Some folks do not know; TMC gave him the keys to the Casa Bianca, even though he was a consistent law breaker with an extensive criminal record.

How about these BIRDS of a FEATHER:

Obama’s New Partner: Al Sharpton – Wall Street Journal › articles

Mar 17, 2010 — Now he has found a new role: telling black leaders to quiet their criticisms and give the government a chance. President Barack Obama has turned …

White House invited Al Sharpton up to 85 times – The … › news › 2014/12/30

Dec 30, 2014 — Giuliani said Obama is sending an anti-police message by inviting Al Sharpton to the White House “80, 85 times.”

Al Sharpton – Wikipedia › wiki › Al_Sharpton

In 2014, Glenn Thrush of Politico described Sharpton as an “adviser” to President Barack Obama and as Obama’s “go-to man” on racial issues. Ministers March for …‎Activism · ‎Political views · ‎Reputation · ‎Controversies

Dec 9, 2014 — Sharpton himself owes New York state $806,875 and has federal liens for unpaid personal income taxes against him totaling $2.6 million, records …

SOOOO are we to believe that J K is any different than the ordinary tax dodger for not paying his fair share??

I say; if the loop holes are there and they are legal, by all means use them. BUTT to manipulate them is not fair play. It is always the guys with the big bucks that are always trying to slide under the tax laws. That is probably what K J did.

It must be a bitch to be in the spotlight constantly. A guy can’t even scratch his balls in public without someone noticing or taking a snap shot of him.

Itchy Balls GIFs | Tenor
Dude you wanted celebrity – you got it

K J; pony up and do the right thing.

In all fairness to K J; if P D T is breaking the tax laws, he should make things right. I know he has been dodging the bullets for years.

I guess the high rollers live by; DO WHAT I SAY NOT WHAT I DO!!

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  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Biden keeps hounding the public/corporations – PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE. Before he can say that – he, Sharpton and the rest of the ponies have to pay their fair share.

    Have you noticed in past years the IRS published information that told us what the rules of the road are; but, now, nothing is shared by the IRS and they don’t want us to know what can be used for deductions. That way – they get more if they don’t like what you gave them.

    Seems like I heard the Dem’s say at one time – that everyone would be filing their taxes on a Penny post card. Too funny!


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