Always the fear factor ….

‘We are not out of the woods yet.’ Even as US Covid-19 case numbers decline, expert warns of potential spikes

FEAR is probably one of the most effective ways to get into someone’s head, get their attention, confusing the hell out of them and put them totally on edge.

The problem with our ongoing situation is; for the most part, the fear factor changes everyday with all the supposed authorities/experts throwing in their 2 cents. For the most part, the actions taken to send Mr. Corona packing have been a guessing game based on how other viruses were handled.

EXPERTS SAY: Yes we do – no we don’t – we may have to – probably not – that is what they say – it is possible – it may come to that – that is he way I see it – that is what JAWS (Fauci in Italian) said. GMAFB guys , I have a migraine.

I personally think; the way Mr Corona is going to get his hat permanently; will be by the way of the herd factor and the SMART people that get their shots.

COVID-19 science: Understanding the basics of ‘herd immunity’

By Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, American Heart Association Chief Medical Officer for Prevention

All of this speculation back and forth is boring the shit out of the public, not to mention the confusion it creates.

Shut the doors on this issue temporarily – let it rest for awhile – let the SMART people get their shots, then let the HERD IMMUNITY do it’s thing. Hopefully there will eventually be a positive outcome.

There has been billions of dollar$ made over COVID-19 by the drug companies (now they are pushing # 3) – the news media – the crooked MEDICAN MEN that keep the fires stoked. Frankly; I am, as well as many other people are SICK and tired of hearing the some old confusing bull-shit statements being played over and over again.

Let mother nature takes it’s course.

In my opinion, we all should get back to the basics that initially helped us get a handle on Corona. Wear masks if necessary – don’t get into anyone’s face and get the shots. At least the first 2. Number 3 is up in the air.

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I would have bet the farm on it …..

Posted on 09/23/2021 by The Goomba Gazette

Eventually, Mother Nature will get her way; she never looses.

Mother Nature always wins! - YouTube

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