Some sanity after-all ….

It is about time we have some Superstar Jock-strappers come forward and try to shed some commonsense of patriotism among the public.

NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas criticized the NFL’s decision to play the Black national anthem before the 2021 season-opening and radio host Jason Whitlock told “Fox & Friends Weekend” that he agrees there’s a conversation to be had.

“The NFL has bent over backward for Black Lives Matter and the Marxist agenda and has adopted practices that totally contradict everything you’re taught in team sports and everything that the NFL was about.”

Will this fall on deaf ears?? Probably. The ball is in the court of candy-ass NFL owner to grow a set of nuts and start acting like patriotic Americans. That will never happen. They are too concerned about the $oldi. To the cowardly owners, it is al about the $$$$.

Just like they would never quit selling beer in their stadiums to try and eliminate the violence attached to it, because of the big bucks it generates, they will never go against the outlandish demands of the radical Black Live Matter cause, and kiss their ass at every turn.

Sporting Events and Booze a Volatile Mix – Athletic Business › drinking-games

A main reason: Alcohol sales often represent between 60 and 75 percent of all stadium revenue. “It’s a very important revenue stream in baseball,” Kevin …

I would love take a survey and AXE the staunch supporters of the NFL; who would they look to for protection if there ever was a major invasion of this country; Black Live Matter, the NFL owners or the federal government, of which is represented by the American flag and the National Anthem?? Their disrespect for the flag and now the anthem is off the charts.

The Black National Anthem Will Play in N.F.L. Pre-Game … › 2021/09/12 › sports › football

Sep 12, 2021 — The N.F.L. began airing the song, also known as the Black national anthem, as part of its TV broadcasts before games following the worldwide …


It does my heart good to see some of the athletes, especially the black ones who have some commonsense and support the USA as they should.

Way back when, the success of this country was built on honest – hardworking and patriotic people. That is not the case today. Years back, guys lined up to sign on the dotted lines to serve in the military to show support for the country. If there ever was a draft today; the boarder crossings would make THE WALL conditions look like a line for ticket sales at a movie theater.

Many of the people in this country forget what made this country strong. I don’t care what political persuasions – color their skin is or their nationality; everyone that lives in the USA and enjoys all of it’s benefits, should be compelled honor the rules and regulations or seek asylum in North Korea or some other hospitable country.

Based on what is going on now, the future looks very bleak.

Hats off to Isiah Thomas and all of the other patriotic Americans that show the flag and the Nation Anthem the respect it deserves.

To all the fools out there – ALL LIVES MATTER

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