Thanks Joey Boy …..

Border flooded with hundreds of migrants crossing into Texas

The situation has ‘spiraled out of control,’ a reporter on the ground said

All of this because J J had/has a #HARD-ON for PDT, he is destroying this country at breakneck speed. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to put the brake on this lunatic. Best of all, he does not want to admit he F-ed up. He is a very disturbed person.

Now the invasion of the USA is not restricted to only south Americans, the Haitians and other foreigners are jumping on the band wagon.

Hundreds of migrants are crossing the border into Texas on Saturday, with many of them originally coming from Haiti. 

“This situation has completely spiraled out of control,” Fox News’s Bill Melugin said Saturday while in Del Rio, Texas, showing hundreds of migrants crossing the Rio Grande into the U.S. 

How would you like to look out your back window and see this flood of humanity invading your property?? It will not be too far down the road, this will be the case in every state in the union, thanks to the nit-wit that was elected for the top seat.

Thanks Joey Boy …..

Hold on to your hats kids, the fun has yet to start.

How is it that one group for fanatics’ (Socio/democratic) obsession’s is so intense, it is destroying this country?? It is total insanity.

I will guarantee; our foreign enemies are just sitting back, licking their chops, waiting and watching when the time is right to make their move.

China has to pay for that gigantic, worlds biggest aircraft carrier one way or another. They did not just build that for show and tell.

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